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Bookmark manager

Atavi is a free, yet extremely convenient, web service.

Bookmark the websites you need, group them the way you want and sync the bookmarks with any device or browser.

Fine-tune Atavi at your own choice: create bookmark groups, choose the theme that best suits you and set the number of bookmarks to display.

Grouping is a convenient tool for grouping website bookmarks.

Save as many bookmarks as you want, create groups and sort your bookmarks to access them even faster.

Quick access ensures you enjoy fast access to your favorite websites, e-mail services, and online dashboards.

Bookmark the websites, online services or individual web pages and access them with a single click! These include:

  • e-mail services;
  • profiles in social media;
  • personal dashboards of online banking services, e-payment systems, ISP accounts, and so on.

Syncing can sync website bookmarks with any device: PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Any changes made from any of these devices will be immediately replicated on all other devices via the Internet.

The only thing you should do is to open on any device and then log in to the system using the e-mail and password you specified during registration.

100% reliable storage provides 100% reliable storage for bookmarks.

If you experience a hardware fault or simply reinstall your operating system and change your browser, all your bookmarks will remain intact.

All you need to do to access the bookmarks is to open and then log in to the system using the e-mail and password you specified during registration.

Cross-browser is a one-size-fits-all tool for managing website bookmarks from any device. The only prerequisite is an Internet connection.

The workflow and appearance of the visual bookmark service does not depend on what browser or operating system you use.

No additional software is required.