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Questions and Answers

General Questions

Why do I need to register?

To get access to your bookmarks at any time and from any device you need to have an account. Only in this case we can guarantee total security of your bookmarks.

How to delete my account?

Click on "bin" icon in the lower rigt corner (next to "contact us"). After that, you'll get an e-mail, open it and confirm account removal.

How to sign up?

We strictly recommend you to pass through our bright virtual tour. It occures when you get here for the first time. After tour ending you'll see a registration plate.

If you've already learnt everything about Atavi functionality or you've already closed the tour just click Menu and enter your e-mail.

Can I authorize through social networks?

Yes, you can. You may sign up or log in via your favourite social network: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK.

My Atavi Design

How to set my own background?

Open User Dashboard. Select "My theme" and upload your own picture!

How to change background?

Open User Dashboard and choose any background from over 30 HD-pictures.

My bookmarks view

Choose the way to display your bookmarks. Open User Dashboard and click on a necessary icon:

Bookmarks & Groups

How to enable or disable groups?

To enable or disable groups tick or untick a special checkbox

How to set password for a group?

Open Groups Settings:

All your groups will look like this:

Choose the group you want to protect. Then click on Protect group

Type in your Atavi account password and click on Save

Click on Finish

Now protected grour looks like this (there's a lock next to its name):

Now to see the bookmarks in this goup you have to enter your password:

How to rename a bookmark?

To change group's name open Groups Settings first:

All your groups will look like this:

Choose the group you want to rename and type in its new name, click on Finish

Click Finish

Possible Problems

Where are my bookmarks? Can't see them!

Everything is lost? Keep calm and read this. There are only two reasons why you can't see your bookmarks.

  • You've been logged out (e.g. as a result of clicking "Log out" link or because of deleting the cookies). If it's so just log in again.
  • You deleted cookies and cash in you browser without beeng registered. Unfortunately in this case all your bookmarks are truly vanished.

Remember that bookmarks are totally private, safe and sound only if you add them into account. Learn here how to register.

Forgot my password!

It's easy to recover it! Click on "Recover" then enter your e-mail. After that you'll find a message containing a link in your mailbox. Click it and get access to your bookmarks!

Bookmarks Import&Export

How to import my bookmarks from Chrome?

Log in. Open User's Menu. Click on Import and follow the instructions.

Our Extensions

How to use Chrome Extension?

  1. Install it: https://goo.gl/RLT51s
  2. Log in.
  3. Use an extension icon to add bookmark to the certain group. Use right-click on the page to add it to Initial instantly.
  4. Manage settings here: https://atavi.com/extensionSettings